Calling All IT Geeks!

I love this idea….Corporate Technology Solutions (CTS) will be offering a free a seminar entitled “Leave your Inner Geek at the Door” for technical people who want to learn how to communicate better on Tuesday, October 13 from 8:30 am to 11 am. Attendees will learn to understand where their social awkwardness comes from and how to combat it; simple tactics to improve communication during any conversation, meeting or interview; preparation and post-conversation tools for effective communication; and guidelines as well as tips for staying consistent in your communication efforts and personal growth. “Leave your Inner Geek at the Door” will be held at Corporate Technology Solutions, Inc., 1126 S 70th St Ste N301B, Milwaukee, WI 53214. To register, call (414) 291-2715 or visit (CTS is a client of Fendos PR.)