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13 Mobile Apps that Got it Right

There appears to be a rush right now by companies to want to create a mobile apps that users will want to download and use. The thing is can’t just create any old app, you have to make it something that is useful to the consumer and not just pure promotion. Here is a recent… Read more »

The Blackberry – Why I and others still love it

Everyone who know me, knows how much I love my Blackberry! Although lately with the latest Droid being released, I’ve been feeling the pressure to desert my Blackberry and dive into a smart phone. Maybe that’s why I got such a kick out of this article by CNN about why people love their Blackberry. I… Read more »

Interesting Social Media Case Studies

I don’t know about you but I never tire of reading interesting social media case studies. Hats off to Milwaukee restaurant AJ Bombers for making this list!

Social Media Tips for Small Businesses

This article offers great straight forward advice to small businesses about social media. It’s not as intimidating as you might think….you just need to do it. It’s the future and if you don’t get on board you might just miss the boat!

Essential Social Media Resources

Looking for a wealth of information and useful tips on social media? This latest mashable listing has a little something for everyone but I’m sure you will find at least one useful link in it — I know I did!

Facebook’s new privacy settings

After taking a lot of criticism about its inability to protect people’s privacy, Facebook announced yesterday its plans for making the social media giant safer for everyone. Here’s what they had to say…. What do you think?

5 Surprising Social Media Business Success Stories

Take a read through the attached link…it is reinforcing again how a company’s marketing/PR efforts need to be adding a new division for social media. It has become an essential piece in the marketing/PR mix. Does your company have it?

Having Doubts about Social Media?

If you really think that social media is just a passing fad, you must watch this video and think again. Social media is changing the way we can interact with our customers and letting our customers get involved in our businesses in a way that they have never been able to before. Those companies not… Read more »

Next Steps for Social Media

This is a really great article talking about what we can do to keep our social media listeners engaged and wanting to be fans of ours. I think too many people are using social media as a press release distribution point and not seeing social media for what it is — a place to be… Read more »

Wilderness Resort to Unveil Haunted Hotel & Mirror Maze this Saturday

Get ready to be scared out of your mind, as the Wilderness Hotel & Golf Resort unveils its new Tombstone Town Haunted Hotel and Livery on October 10 just in time for Halloween at America’s largest waterpark resort, located in Wisconsin Dells. According to Joe Eck, general manager for the resort, “Ghouls and boys are… Read more »