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10 Years: A Great Time for Reflection

This year marks the 10th anniversary of Fendos PR. It’s a noteworthy accomplishment for many reasons, particularly considering that over 50 percent of small businesses fail within 5 years and the economic troubles of the past 4 years. This occasion has also given me a great reason to reflect on my business, and I have to… Read more »

Online Reviews Might Not Be All They Are Cracked Up to Be

For years I've been saying to clients, friends and family members to be cautious of online reviews. Personally, I don't take much weight in them and here's why. When you read an online review you don't know anything about the person who wrote it. Are the mentally stable? Did they have a terrible day at work… Read more »

Pinterest What is It and Why it’s so Powerful

Have you heard of Pinterest? It is an online bulletin board social media site where you can share images of things you like. Social media gurus are calling it "online crack" for women, and with 11.7 million registered users as of May 15 (of which 97% are women) it's easy to see why! So how does Pinterest… Read more »

How to use LinkedIn to its Fullest Potential

In today's business world, networking is more important than ever, and this includes not only having a presence on social media sites but also being active on these sites. Linked In is a wonderful social media tool that can help you to connect with people you know in the business world as well as old classmates… Read more »

Curious to Know When People Are Using Social Media Most? Then Read This!

If you are business owner with limited time and resources to put toward your social media efforts, you will find this study of interest. According to a recent blog post at people are utilizing social media most at 8:30 CTS. This makes sense when you think about it because it is when people who work… Read more »

Ultimate Guide to Facebook

Wow, for anyone looking for an overview on Facebook, how to set up a Facebook page, security settings on Facebook or business uses for Facebook and more, here is the ultimate resource. It offers a wealth, and I mean WEALTH, of information and useful links. I just feel like I hit the lottery with this one. All of… Read more »

The Future of Social Media

Last spring, when I took my social media certification program the “big buzz question” was “Will people continue to gravitate toward social media or is it just a phase?” Now a year later, the answer is so obvious, social media is not slowing down in the slightest and even those clients I have who said they would NEVER be… Read more »

11 Twitter tools you (probably) don’t know about

If you are like me, you fully understand how useful Facebook can be for businesses but you still might not be as big of a Twitter fan as you should be. This article provides some useful information about some great Twitter apps, sites and tips out there that you might not know about. Now… Read more »

10 Reasons why Integration is Crucial In 2011

I like this article because in 2010 I really took the time to learn social media. I took a 3 month online certificate program through UW-Waukesha and really learned the nuts and bolts of social media.  As a result, I now have a greater appreciation for how it can be integrated into a marketing and public relations strategy and I… Read more »