Storytelling: From Forensics to Social Media

Ok, I admit it, back in middle and high school,  I was one of those geeky kids that enjoyed competing in Forensics.  And, as you might of guessed, the category that I excelled in most was Storytelling. So really when you think about it, it’s not very ironic that  today I own a successful PR business that is centered around effectively conveying my clients’ stories to the media and in social media. It’s something that’s always come pretty natural to me but that’s not always the case for every  PR/Marketing professional out there.

I found this article this morning in Adweek and thought I should really share it.

So many companies are making the mistake of having their social media posts look like ads when in reality they should be telling stories to engage their customers in their brands.  Last year, when my client, Wilderness Resort, was opening seven new attractions/amenities, we used their social media channels to tell the resort’s construction stories. We would regularly post pictures of what was going on behind the construction barricades, and tell the resort’s guests fun information about all of the construction projects. The results were amazing! Guests didn’t see the resort’s construction as a nuisance. They were excited by it and  seldom complained about it. And, every time we announced a new amenity was opening on social media, we would host a contest with giveaway that would generate an abundance of posts by guests who were so excited to come and experience it.

What’s your company’s story and how can you tell it in a captivating way? You owe to your company to find out.