What’s Ahead for 2014

Happy New Year everyone! I hope your holidays were happy. January is always such an exciting time of year (despite Wisconsin’s frigid weather) because it offers so much hope. It’s a fresh start, a time to recharge and dive into new ideas and projects. During this time of year, I to love read all of the articles out there with people speculating about they think will happen in the year ahead, trends that they expect to emerge and what they think will fad away as new things come to the forefront. (Seriously, as far as the fashion world goes can we make Crocs go away permanently once and for all?)

When it comes to PR/Marketing trends, I recently read an article entitled, “Trends that will Shape 2014,” by Stephanie Frasco that I feel has a lot of merit. In it, she states that¬†mobile will rule in 2014, and I have to agree. Smart phones are truly becoming the norm, and people of all ages are using them as a reliable information source. They are not just a means of communication but they are also a source of entertainment and people are checking their social media accounts regularly through their smart phones. This means your social media content needs to be relevant and fresh. Do you have a social media strategy for the content of your posts and how quickly you reply to customers posts? If not add this to your to do list for 2014.

Stephanie also says that blogs will continue to drive business in 2014, and I would have to agree on this point as well. ¬†Blogs provide wonderful opportunities for your organization to share its industry expertise, provide interesting glimpses into your business and its people; and talk about your plans, goals, new challenges, etc. If your organzation doesn’t have a blog you should also be adding this to your to do list for 2014.

Stephanie has many other insights worth reading. To see the entire article click here: http://socialmediatoday.com/stephaniefrasco/2015861/11-web-marketing-social-media-trends-will-shape-2014#comments.