How Effective is Your Facebook Page?

Do you administer a Facebook page?  Are you constantly looking at your page metrics trying to figure out which ones really mean success or failure?

According to Emeric Ernoult, co-founder of AgoraPulse (a Paris- and San Francisco-based Facebook marketing software firm), since February 2013, Facebook has fixed the reach issue businesses where having with their pages and so your company’s main goal should be trying to reach as many of your fans as possible for free with each post.

On average, Facebook posts  by companies reach 16% of their fan, says Ernoult in a recent online article: Companies should strive to achieve this percentage as a minimum  goal and should be happy when they are regularly exceeding it.

So armed with this information, I took a look at one of the pages Fendos PR helps to plan and monitor for our clients. Over a recent five day span, this client had the following reach with their posts:
Monday: 40.8 percent
Tuesday: 41.34 percent
Wednesday: 36 percent
Thursday: 24.87 percent
Friday: 48.4 percent, Plus, we had two additional posts that day that reached 27.6 percent and 22.46 percent respectively.

I should point out that this client takes their social media pages very seriously. Fendos PR meets with them on a weekly basis to determine our posts for the following week, and we also have a calendar of ideas that we constantly add to and edit.  The lesson to be learned here is that businesses can be successful with their social media efforts but that it requires planning, being committed to it and monitoring it closely. When something works, build upon it and if it doesn’t, don’t be afraid to abandon the strategy and come up with a new idea.