Curious to Know When People Are Using Social Media Most? Then Read This!

If you are business owner with limited time and resources to put toward your social media efforts, you will find this study of interest. According to a recent blog post at people are utilizing social media most at 8:30 CTS.

This makes sense when you think about it because it is when people who work in offices are settling into their days, firing up their computers, checking email and social media sites. Interestingly, this report also shows that Wednesdays are the most popular day for social media usage and that most people comment on a post within two minutes of it being shared.

So what does this mean for you if you are a business owner? If you have limited time put toward your social media efforts, you should be posting messages first thing in the morning and you should be making your best offers on social media on Wednesday mornings.

This same study showed that Twitter has experienced the most growth over time 35,346% and that Facebook has experienced the most growth over the past year 756%. This also shows that social media’s reach is continuing to grow at an astronomical pace and that as a business owner no matter how busy you are you can’t ignore the impact social media is having with consumers any longer.