The Blackberry – Why I and others still love it

Everyone who know me, knows how much I love my Blackberry! Although lately with the latest Droid being released, I’ve been feeling the pressure to desert my Blackberry and dive into a smart phone. Maybe that’s why I got such a kick out of this article by CNN about why people love their Blackberry. I have to admit — the keyboard is what keeps me, I just can’t imagine taping a smart phone screen as quickly. That, and being the klutz that I am I’m afraid that I’ll crack the big smart phone screen within a week of purchasing one. ­čÖé

Footnote: In late December 2010 I broke down and got a Droid smartphone. I still miss my Blackberry which was a reliable business tool for me for 3 years. Getting used to the touchless keyboard is taking me longer than I expected.