6 Ways Social Media Impacts the Hospitality Industry

Social media is giving us more opportunities to get to know our customers and to provide better service to them. This article shows some wonderful examples of how social media can have an impact on the Hospitality industry. Hats off to the Hyatt Regency in Milwaukee for being the Concierge Twitter example. YouĀ understand the important role social media can have with your customers!


Two Great Social Media Stories

There is a definite shift happening in the marketplace and it is becoming more imperative than ever to get your customers to not only be loyal to you but to be advocates for your business. This is a great article about how to gain loyalty with good content marketing.


I had the great opportunity to hear Peter Shankman from HARO speak at PRSA Wisconsin’s September 30 meeting and I was really impressed with him. His blog post today had me laughing out loud. That being said, it has some really great points in its message as well. Take a read!!!


13 Mobile Apps that Got it Right

There appears to be a rush right now by companies to want to create a mobile apps that users will want to download and use. The thing is can’t just create any old app, you have to make it something that is useful to the consumer and not just pure promotion. Here is a recent blog post from Mashable that shows some great mobile apps.


The Blackberry – Why I and others still love it

Everyone who know me, knows how much I love my Blackberry! Although lately with the latest Droid being released, I’ve been feeling the pressure to desert my Blackberry and dive into a smart phone. Maybe that’s why I got such a kick out of this article by CNN about why people love their Blackberry. I have to admit — the keyboard is what keeps me, I just can’t imagine taping a smart phone screen as quickly. That, and being the klutz that I am I’m afraid that I’ll crack the big smart phone screen within a week of purchasing one. šŸ™‚

Footnote: In lateĀ December 2010 I broke down and got a Droid smartphone. I still miss my Blackberry which was a reliable business tool for me for 3 years. Getting used to the touchless keyboard is taking me longer than I expected.

5 Surprising Social Media Business Success Stories

Take a read through the attached link…it is reinforcing again how a company’s marketing/PR efforts need to be adding a new division for social media. It has become an essential piece in the marketing/PR mix. Does your company have it?

Having Doubts about Social Media?

If you really think that social media is just a passing fad, you must watch this video and think again. Social media is changing the way we can interact with our customers and letting our customers get involved in our businesses in a way that they have never been able to before. Those companies not participating in social media are a threat to themselves. Its guaranteed tat people are going to talk about your business online –its up to you whether you want to listen and respond proactively or if you want to be ignorant and pretend they aren’t talking.